How To Prevent and Handle Domestic Abuse

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About Course

Welcome to “How To Prevent and Handle Domestic Abuse”! 🌟

In this transformative journey, we’re not just learning; we’re diving headfirst into the shadows of domestic violence, armed with knowledge, compassion, and the unwavering belief that change starts with us.

This isn’t your typical course – it’s a call to action, an opportunity to unmask the subtle intricacies of abuse, and a chance to become a beacon of support and understanding. We’re not just studying signs; we’re decoding the psychological labyrinth that entraps many. By the end of this journey, you won’t just be an observer; you’ll be equipped with the tools to intervene and make a difference.

Our mission is clear and profound: to empower you with the skills to prevent domestic violence, creating a community of advocates who stand as pillars against this pervasive issue. Together, we’re not just aiming for personal empowerment; we’re building a force that contributes to a world free from the shackles of domestic abuse.

So, fasten your seatbelts because this course is not just about absorbing information; it’s about transformation. Knowledge isn’t just power; it’s our mightiest weapon against the darkness of domestic violence. By understanding, recognizing, and uniting, we can take monumental strides towards creating homes that are not only safe but nurturing, and relationships that thrive on respect and love.

Thank you for joining this crusade. Your commitment is the spark that can ignite a revolution against domestic abuse. I’m thrilled to have you on board, and together, let’s break the chains and build a world where love triumphs over violence.

I believe in you!


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What Will You Learn?

  • Recognition of Signs: Identify subtle and overt signs of an abusive relationship.
  • Psychological Dynamics: Understand the intricate psychological elements at play in domestic violence.
  • Intervention Strategies: Equip yourself with effective tools and strategies to intervene and support survivors.
  • Prevention Techniques: Gain knowledge and skills to prevent domestic violence from taking root in your life.
  • Empowerment: Explore ways to empower yourself and others against the pervasive issue of domestic violence.
  • Transformative Knowledge: Move beyond information absorption to transformative understanding.
  • Building Safer Homes: Work towards creating homes that are not only safe but nurturing.
  • Healthy Relationship Foundations: Develop the awareness to foster relationships built on respect and love.
  • Active Participation: Take meaningful steps towards being an active participant in breaking the chains of domestic abuse.

Course Content

Introduction to Domestic Abuse

  • Introduction to Domestic Abuse
  • Forms of Domestic Abuse
  • Cycles of Abuse and its Stages
  • How to Identify Domestic Abuse
  • Red Flags in Relationship

Domestic Abuse: Causes, Prevention, Effect & Healing

Handling The New Version of your Spouse
Handling a new version of your spouse can be both exciting and challenging The first thing I want you to understand here is that in life people change. As a result, relationships change too. The Funke Felix-Adejumo of 2021 is not the same person as today. The woman you married five years ago may have undergone significant transformations since then. Her career could have taken different paths, her business might have evolved, and her physical appearance could have changed over time. People Change! Relationships change! This change is exciting when none of the spouses feels insecure. It can be very challenging when one or both parties feel insecure about their partner. The insecurity occurs mostly where one of the spouses gets more attention, gets promoted at work or doing well or better than the other in business. Yes, couples are one but they are human too and it takes the Grace of God and wisdom to still maintain a happy home where one of the spouses is feeling insecure about the other spouse. Before I expose the tools, ways, mechanisms of managing your insecurities when your spouse gets promoted, it is best to give you a detailed explanation of the word "insecurity" So what is insecurity?  According to insecurity is a feeling of lacking confidence and not being sure of your own abilities. Oxford Dictionary describes insecurity as not having confidence in yourself or your relationship with other people. Let me ask you, what  can you deduce from the above definition of the word  "insecurity"? Write down your observations as we continue this interesting journey to uncover how insecurity can lead to domestic violence and best ways and tools to manage insecurity.

Ways To Respond when Abuse is reported.
(For pastors wives, authority figures etc)

Help! My Wife is Abusive
(For Men Only)

The Perspective of Lawyers, Counsellors, and Social Workers


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